Eis Eis Baby

After Budapest, we took a train to Vienna, and being a stat major, I feel compelled to sum up Vienna with a few numbers:


  • 3 days and 2 nights @ Intercontinental: 45 (had to pay for wifi >.<, free otherwise )
  • 2 Royal Palaces: 30
  • 1 Art Museum: 12.90
  • 0 Kangroos: 5
  • 5 gelato parlors, 9 flavors, 15 scoops: 40 ish
  • Pure cold creamy desserts anytime you want: Priceless


Budpest gave us cakes and meats. But, if someone were to ask what my two favorite food groups are, I’d proudly answer: ice cream and meats. And no, my trainer would not be cringing right now because he gets to put me through tougher workouts and point and laugh at my suffering if I indulge a little too much in the former. I don’t discriminate against any ice cream-like dessert, so just imagine my delight when I looked up foods to eat in Vienna and Google proceeded to give me lists of go-to gelato places.

Oh but don’t worry, we worked it off by walking between gelato parlors and I booked a hotel with a gym. (Side note: Gym as the highlight for active hours? Hell yea!)

Vienna Fitbit


So what exactly does Vienna look like? It’s similar to Budapest except the locals see more tourists and are more accustomed to having to deal with English speaking tourists. Most signs had English translations and, unlike Budapest, you actually need to work and maneuver your way through crowds when sightseeing, when shopping, and sometimes even when using the restroom. And very much like Budapest, we doubled back to each location to take night time photos. In between the various gelato places, we saw this:



Royal Palace… check,  Churches….check, Park…check… Rivers and Bridges (not pictured)…check…you get the picture, right?

And randomly, you’ll get some humorous PSA ads. The 0 kanagroos? Got my roommate a shot glass that said “No Kangaroos in Austria.”


Austria PSA

Bet you can’t guess which word I understand in the ad on the right.

Weaving around the people, churches, and doggie doo doo, we visited 5 gelato places, but which was the best??


Most Satisfying

Unfortunately, the most satisfying may be biased towards my degree of hunger at time of consumption. I tried to space the ice cream between meals (BFF joked that our days centered around 3 meals of gelato, with snacks like schnitzels mixed in between). The creamiest and richest flavor was probably from the place with the largest crowd: Eissalon am Schwedenplatz. Right next to the subway to minimize the walking/maximize the laziness in getting there and back from our hotel, this place had a vast assortment of gelatos and sorbets. They also had gluten free gelato, whatever that means. I was ambitious and got 3 flavors here: vanilla, banana, and strawberry yogurt. Yes, I made a more delicious version of a strawberry banana protein shake, minus the protein. Rich, creamy, and multicolored, the taste made you forget “a moment on the lips is forever on the hips.”



Most Unique Presentation

A block from Eissalon am Schwedenplatz was Gelateria Castello. This fine establishment served food, drinks, and desserts. It had a decent sized sit down area and though the flavor selection wasn’t as strong as other places, the presentation was perhaps the best I’ve seen. Some of the menu items looked like entrees! I do have a conscience and getting ice cream spaghetti followed by a gelato sundae would’ve been overkill — I opted for their grilled salmon and then got the ice cream sundae and ate half of BFF’s. Portion control, people 😉

What do I mean by ice cream spaghetti? Here’s picture from their menu:

Castello Menu


Gonna be real, that does look a bit gross but my curiosity would’ve outweighed the ick factor. We opted for the more conventional alternatives when it came to dessert here. I still was able to get the vanilla and hazelnut as described in the spaghetti, but in a more traditional form: with whipped cream, cookies, and a wafer. BFF’s ball of creamy goodness was vanilla with orange marmalade inside, coated with coconut dust on the outside:




Double Take

There was a place that we went to twice because there were so many unique flavors that other gelaterias did not offer. You could get your typical flavors of vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, etc at all locations. But Eis Griessler had flavors like butterscotch, honey, and others that I cannot remember because I was too excited. Clearly I got the two flavors I actually remember. They make their daily supply of flavors fresh, from all natural ingredients. Once they run out for the day, there will not be a resupply. There’s always a line extending out the entrance of the small shop, it’s probably the smallest in terms of area, like an ice cream hole in the wall.

Eis Griessler 1

Just Cuz

I love cars, especially European sports cars, and especially, especially the prancing ponies, as I like to call them). Why is this in a gelato/ice cream post? We saw a place called Ferrari Gelato and I had to go in. What can I say? I’m a sucker for this type of marketing. A scoop of espresso mocha chip and a scoop of stracciatella later, I was ready for dinner.

Ferrari Gelato


To sum it up, I had:

  • 5 scoops vanilla
  • 2 scoops hazelnut
  • 2 scoops espresso
  • 1 scoop pistachio
  • 1 scoop strawberry yogurt
  • 1 scoop banana
  • 1 scoop butterscotch
  • 1 scoop honey
  • 1 scoop straciatella


I fully encourage anyone who reads this to go and find out for yourself which place is your favorite. There’s also plenty more shops that we didn’t have time (or the stomach capacity) to drop by. Finally, just to make this post complete, here’s the rest of the gelato I ate, including round #2 from Eis Griessler.


Gelato Misc


Yea…thank god I ran in Budapest.


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