Shanghai Line 11: Food and Fun

Line 11 has more stops on my bucket list than ones that I’ve been to, including the two stops that involve cars. But, I have been to Nanxiang (南翔), so believe me when I say you should go there for pork soup dumplings. And, with the opening of Disneyland Shanghai, I guess it’s semi important to cover this line as a separate entry. If you hate crowds, it’s now a great time to go to Happy Valley (欢乐谷) via Line 9!

For a line that connects Shanghai from its southeastern parts to its northwestern parts, Line 11 is going to be covered fairly sparsely. Not because it’s boring (don’t worry), but because everything in between can be seen in previous posts.

Let’s start at Disney and run away from people!

  1. Disney Resort (迪斯尼)

Not on Bucket list.



Run!  If you’re from Orlando or Los Angeles, why would you be here? I’m from neither and I refuse to go. It’s a great commercial idea for Disney to open a resort in Shanghai. I’m sure it’s just as magical as the original two locations in the States. Just, don’t. And, you’ll just be mixed in with the tens of thousands of other families taking their kids to see Micky Mouse.

disney crowd


  1. Shanghai Oriental Sports Center (东方体育中心)

Maybe on Bucket List.

sports center

I haven’t been here, but it looks cool. The aquatic center was built shortly after the 2008 Olympics, housing several Olympic sized lap pools. For the photogs out there, it’d make a cool pic, regardless of which angle you take it from.

  1. Longhua (龙华)

Been here, yummy!

longhua before

Longhua before

This stop is where you can transfer to lines 12 and 16. But, what I remember about Longhua is that it use to be an airport and confused the hell out of me each time my mom told to cab driver to drive to “Longhua Airport” when we visited her close friends there. Why? You get off and you see city streets, restaurants, and no runways. They had converted the surviving airport structures into commercial buildings, and, yesss, restaurants!

longhua after

Longhua after!

  1. JiaoTong University (交通大学)

Been here, did pull ups, drank coffee, see Line 9 😛

  1. Shanghai West Railway Station (上海西站)

Another means to travel to other major cities in China! Feel free to use this lesser known station to visit Chengdu and hug a panda! (Also on bucket list).

  1. Nanxiang (南翔)

Been here, YUMMY!

nanxiang 2

Where do I start? The dumplings from here set the standard for how I judge dumplings within China and outside of China. I’m a harsh dumpling snob and I refuse to eat at Chinese restaurants in the states who claim they have “Nanxiang” dumplings and end up serving me crap. *Joe’s Ginger*

joes ginger

They lie! If the skin is so thick that you can’t see the soup inside, and the meat is tough, not legit dumplings.

When you get here, there’s a nice garden for you to walk through, relax, and take photos of swans. And then, go into the restaurant immediately adjacent to the garden with your loving grandparents. Because, they will foot the entire tab as you eat 20+ dumplings. All they want to do is feed you and spoil you, can life get any better?

nanxiang collage

A welcomed black swan. (Nerdy finance joke)

Just beware of wannabe dumplings spots along the road who sell on the name of “Nanxiang.” But, even if you fall into a trap, it’ll taste better than what you get in the states. I do wanna give a shoutout to a restaurant called 456 in Chinatown, NYC. One of the best dumpling places that I’ve been to in the city, definitely can attempt to trade on the name “Nanxiang.”

  1. Shanghai Circuit (上海赛车场)

Most Def on Bucket List!!!!!!

f1 track

The track is in the shape of the Chinese character for “Shang” (上) within Shanghai. D.O.P.E.

I wanna hug a Ferrari more than I wanna hug a panda. No lie. If you’ve seen my room, it’s filled with Ferrari Cars: F12, 458, 488, Enzo, you name it. I’m superficial, yes. I like pretty cars that can top out at over 200mph, over 500 bhp, and can corner like a no other. Most of all, I like how the prancing pony purrs.

ferrari 2

Dream car: Ferrari 488. In this shade of blue. Future boyfriend/hustband take note.

I know you can’t really see the cars as they zip past you but who wouldn’t want to experience the atmosphere at least once? And, no, it’s not hypocritical despite the crowds at the Grand Prix because it involves sports and cars in F1, unlike in the US, do more than just turn left for multiple laps.

f1 race

I will welcome being a part of this crowd, not the one at Disney.

  1. Shanghai Automobile City (上海汽车城)

Most Def on Bucket List!!

Cars. Museum. I can spend all day here. The only sucky part is the amount of time it takes to get to the auto museum in Shanghai from my grandparents’ place. Imagine if you lived at Yankee Stadium and needed to reach Flushing for hot pot. It’s kind of like that…

car museum

Zoom Zoom

A bit short, a bit sweet 🙂 Now you’re wondering, there’s like 16, almost 17 lines. What did I miss by covering only 4 of them? No worries…an encore to wrap it up: All the things I’ve left out that you should travel on and the lines that cover them. 😀




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