My (Extremely Overdue) Japan Adventure

Went to Japan this past summer, yay! Given my history with picking vacation spots, yes, I went to Japan because there was a mountain to hike. And, with Mt. Fuji being 2 hours by bus outside of Tokyo, I guess it makes sense to take in parts of the city as well. It’s also been a much needed vacation between work, school, gym, and completely and utterly ignoring this blog (my b).

Let’s start with a few facts/myths about Japan!


Fact 1: hotel rooms are small…ya, I’ve seen single dorm rooms bigger than this, but when you’re in a different country, the primary uses of a hotel room are:

  • Toilet
  • Bed
  • Storage

It’s ok to have a small room as long as you don’t have a lot of crap, I mean luggage, to keep in said room.

hotel toilet

But look at all the options on the toilet!

Fact 2: Lots of food, no matter where you look. Um, curry, sushi, ramen, bbq, and ice cream. My stomach is happy!


Fact 3: Trash cans are hard to come by. Yep, convenient stores were my best friends because they had trash cans, with pictures no less, of what goes into each of the waste, recycling, and compost bins.


Convenient stores are your best friends 🙂


Myth 1: Japan is $$$$, especially Tokyo. I should put this in perspective, it’s all relative. Coming from NYC, you offer me a sushi bento for under 20,000 JPY and I’m like, “heck yes!”. Hotel? I had three needs and a hotel booking for $60-70 a night met my requirements, and in Shinjuku too! If I wanted to go to the Hyatt tho…well…$$$$$$$$$

lost in translation

The stars represent the dollar signs for a night at the Park Hyatt…why???

Myth 2: Sucks to not know Japanese. Meh, over 70% of communication is through facial expressions and verbal gestures, if not more. So If I could point, smile, and bow as an expression of my gratitude, I am a-ok! Plus, c’mon man, Japanese people are not dumb. In fact, they’re quite the opposite, knowing they can monetize it by placing an English version of menus and signs means, yea, just say “English” at a restaurant and you can read exactly what you plan to eat.

Myth 3: Tokyo < Kyoto. As a travel/vacation destination, sure. As an overall experience, I beg to differ. Kyoto is pretty, full of history, but, from a public transportation, overall convenience, and liveability perspective, I preferred Tokyo.


Gimme this please, no bus

Oh yes, bonus fact: Tokyo Drift is still the worst Fast & Furious movie.

Where did I go? Well, I’ll tell you in 3-4 (or maybe 5?) blog posts. Strap yourselves in, we are going to Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, and Himeji, wooooooooot!

  1. Tokyo in a day
  2. … or two
  3. Fuji Bullet Climb (because girl ain’t got time to sleep overnight)
  4. Kyoto = pretttttttttttty (throw in here your hello kitty with cherry blossoms, dressed in a kimono or whatnot)
  5. Kyoto = f*** they need better subways

This trip took 9 days. Had I planned for 2 weeks, I could’ve explored northern Japan a bit more, but alas, sometimes silly things like work and school get in the way. Without further ado, click on the link for Tokyo in a day!


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